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作者: 4gsdfgs0521    時間: 2013-5-30 19:22     標題: Home Mommy mini book

House Mommy mini book
She made this mini book about Thanksgiving at her Kindergarten class. It's a .
toms shoes sale brief .
toms shoes sale story sequence activity for Thanksgiving.
What it implies by story sequence activity is that, given a series of .
toms outlet store image cards .
toms shoe in random sequence, the girl had to arrange the picture cards into the logical order to create the story from starting to end. Then, she would glue the picture cards on the pre-made booklet to create a mini book for this story.
I feel this really is an awesome activity for young youngsters. I also consider that it's important to teach them story sequencing because it assists to reinforce the ideas of first, last, ahead of, immediately after, left, suitable as well as improve the young children comprehension, articulation, answering and story-telling abilities. Last week we had our initial Parent-Teacher conference with the girl K teacher. We had been told that the girl, even though can articulate pretty well the majority of the time in addition to a great reader, couldn truly re-tell a story without assist. So, I .
toms shoes guess we have to complete additional story sequencing activity with her from now on
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